Third trimester treat amenorrhoea arnie, vesicare treatment interstitial endometriosis deep

Third trimester treat amenorrhoea arnie, vesicare treatment interstitial endometriosis deep

Third trimester treat amenorrhoea, vesicare treatment interstitial endometriosis

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How long do you bleed after Provera? You will know that PROVERA is effective if it induces a period (any bleeding more than light spotting) within 2 weeks after PROVERA is given. This bleeding will usually occur 2-7 days after the PROVERA is finished.
How long after stopping Depo will I get my period? So there is no menstrual bleeding. You will get your menstrual period back within 6-18 months after you stop taking the Depo -Provera injections.
Is there any way to stop spotting? Spotting typically resolves after the first three to four months of using birth control pills. If you're spotting and still in this window of time, try your best to stick it out. One of the best ways to prevent or reduce spotting while on the pill is to take your medication at the same time each day.
Can Provera cause sore breasts? breast tenderness or discharge ; headache, dizziness, feeling nervous or depressed; bruising or swelling of your veins; premenstrual type symptoms (bloating, fluid retention, mood changes);
Can you get pregnant after taking Provera? Most women will see their fertility return within 5 to 7 months of their last injection. In other words, about two months after that 90-day period ends. Within 10 months of the last Depo- Provera injection, 50 percent of women are pregnant.
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