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I am struggling epilepsy for more than 15 years now. That is a long experience and I know something about the disease and available treatment methods. First of all I do not trust alternative medicine. And I have some reasons as at the beginning of my war with epilepsy I have tried such methods as well. Now I am sure that only pharmaceutical industry and contemporary medicine can do something to provide real results in epilepsy treatment. However the majority of medications available on the market today also leave much to be desired. While I have been looking for the ideal treatment for me, my epilepsy got worse and about 10 years ago I experienced my first grand mal case. That was scary for me, but in the first place for my family members, as I have never lost consciousness during an attack before. After that case I was quite depressed and thought that I have reached the point of no return and no nothing will help me. But a friend of mine persuaded me to try out another medication - Dilantin. My doctor was skeptic but agreed and since that time I live a new life with fully controllable epilepsy. This medication is a revolution, at least it have made a revolution in my life. I have no side effects with Dilantin, however at first there was slight dizziness but then things settles and now everything is so good that I knock on wood!
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I have been taking Dilantin to maintain control over my epilepsy for more than 6 years now. This med is really effective and safe as far as I can see. It provides me with the confidence I lacked. With other meds I had only temporary relief and then the seizures and fever used to come back. But Dilantin is perfect and I have even got back my lost sex drive. Now my life level has grown up so considerable that I am ready to pray for this medication. The effect is stable and there are no side effects that I could observe with other meds like constant goose pimples over the whole body, insomnia and dizziness. Dilantin is the best epilepsy medication that I have tried. I do recommend to others and I am sure you won't get disappointed if you entrust your epilepsy control to this high quality medication.

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